Catalist user Guide

4 min readJun 4, 2024


How to Easily Stake ACE Tokens

Catalist is the first liquid staking protocol on the Endurance mainnet.

ACE token holders can stake their ACE with just a few clicks to receive staking rewards of 11–13% APR and participate as validators on the Endurance mainnet, regardless of the token amount.

For more detailed information about Catalist, please refer to the introduction post below!

We understand that many users may not be familiar with Catalist yet.

Therefore, we have created a user guide to help more users easily use Catalist.

Table of Contents

  • ACE Stake
  • bACE Unstake & Claim
  • Rewards

We will explain in detail how to use Catalist for each section.

ACE Stake

<How to Stake ACE on Catalist>

1) Connect your wallet to Catalist.

  • If your Metamask wallet does not have the Endurance Smart Chain network, proceed to add the Endurance network to connect to the ACE mainnet.

2) Select the amount of ACE to stake.

  • Once your wallet is connected to Catalist, available amount of ACE for staking will be displayed.

3) Enter the amount of ACE to stake and click the “Stake” button.

  • Enter the amount of ACE you want to stake in the Catalist and click the “Stake” button at the bottom, then click “confirm” to complete the ACE staking.
  • If you select “MAX”, you might not have enough ACE left for transaction fees, so we recommend to leave some ACE for transaction fees.

4) Check the staked bACE amount in the “Stake amount”.

  • Once staking is successfully completed, you will see a “Transaction Successful” notification along with the hash value. In the “Staked amount”, you can check the bACE received in proportion to the ACE staked.

bACE Unstake

<How to Unstake bACE to ACE on Catalist>

1) Request to convert bACE to ACE in Unstake.

  • To convert bACE back to ACE, a “Request” procedure is required.
  • bACE and ACE are separate tokens with different contracts.
  • Sending bACE directly to CEX may lose your ACE token, so make sure to proceed with the “Unstake” process to ACE.

2) Enter the amount of bACE to unstake and click the “Request Unstake” button.

  • Enter the amount in the bACE amount field and click the “Request Unstake” button, click “confirm” to start the conversion of bACE to ACE.

3) Manual claims are required when unstake the ACE

  • When requesting an unstake from bACE to ACE, you need to manually click the “Claim” button after the “Pending” state.

4) Check and Claim when “Ready to Claim” is displayed.

  • The process of claiming bACE to ACE takes about 2–7 days.
  • Once “Pending” changes to “Ready to Claim”, you can click the check next to the amount and “Claim” button.


<How to Check bACE Quantity and Rewards on Catalist>

1) Check all usage and reward history in Rewards.

  • All records of Stake, Unstake, Unwrap, wrap, and Reward are available.
  • Additionally, you can check the current bACE balance, bACE rewards, and the average APR.

2) “In the ‘Only Show Rewards’ section, you can only view the history of rewards you have received so far.

  • If you only want to check reward history, you can do so in the “Only Show Rewards” section.

Today, we have looked into the overall usage of Catalist.

Currently, to celebrate the beta service launch, an ACE APY Boosting Event is being held from June 4, 2024, to July 7, 2024, for a total of 33 days.

During this event period, you can earn a high APY of up to 36%. Why not stake your ACE and accumulate rewards by referring to this guide?

We plan to hold various events for the ACE ecosystem in the future, so please stay tuned!




The 1st Liquid Staking Protocol on the Endurance. Stake your ACE tokens and receive rewards in just a few clicks.